Saturday, January 24, 2009

Well... Paul Blart: Mall Cop IS the # 1 Movie...

So I suppose that I shouldn't be surprised that Howie Do It's audience appears to be filmed in front of THOUSANDS of uproariously laughing people. Seriously, it's like they sold out the United Center.

Here's the deal. I watched, understood, didn't laugh and turned off Howie Do It in about 5 minutes last night. Trust me, the promo commercials are more than enough time to devote to this show.

The show tries to make it plain that this isn't your Deal Or No Deal, audience-friendly, "I'm a germophobe" Howie Mandel. Oh no. This is a gritty, PG-13, FRIDAY NIGHT Howie Mandel. Apparently, the pranks are shown on a giant screen between Blue Man Group-style, drum-heavy rock instrumentals and Howie Mandel's... erm...stand up act. The joke I heard was riffed off of what is clearly an audience plant: "Do you try out these pranks on your family?" "No, my wife is the prankster in our family. She told me told me two of our children were mine." guffaw.

With comedy gold like that, it's unsurprising that Howie makes several title references: "take a look and see us show Dez ...howie do it". BA-ZZZING! We have a title.

The prank I watched was a wife bringing her unsuspecting husband Dez (that truthfully seemed like he was totally in on the act) to be taped on a daytime talk show, and is lead to believe his marriage is on the rocks. The whole audience is filled with ACTORS! Apparently they could only find about 8 actors to take the audience gig... the whole thing looks like it was filmed in my neighbor's garage. If that didn't tip hubby off, you would think his snickering wife would. So basically they lead this guy on for about 2 minutes that his wife thinks he's a controlling ass, because he jokes about her missing curfew, and reads her emails (actually does kind of sound controlling to me, but whatever). Then they let him in on it; "I have to tell you, you're on Howie Do It". Somehow, he knows what this show is, even though it's on it's first season, and gives the appropriate "OMG you got me" face. IT'S FUNNY!! BAHODEYDODEYDO! Crowd filmed laughing. Rocking back and forth in their seats laughing. I am stony-faced.

Before I shut off the show to watch Ghost Whisperer (really, my standards for entertainment aren't that believe that Howie Do It sucks big donkey balls), they show a "coming up next on Howie Do It" preview of the next prank, that shows an unsuspecting amusement park visitor being led through a new ride by a poorly disguised Howie Mandel. That's him in the picture above. I know you're shocked: but really, it's Howie Mandel.

Anyway, the "ride" appears to consist of a cup of water being poured on the guy and Incognito Howie and another dude take him by the arms and spin him around. I mean, really? Who DOESN'T see through this? On that topic, who doesn't recognize Howie Mandel, just because he's wearing a wig? This whole show reminds me of the Arrested Development episode when George Michael keeps prank calling his dad.

I think I'm going to have to boycott the "fist bump" due to this show.

If you think I'm lying about how gaggingly abominable this show is, take a look here.

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