Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dancing Thursdays: So You Think You Can Dance Edition

Best dance of the night, and not just because Mia Michaels is a strange, demanding, perfectionist goddess of a choreographer. The two dancing, Randi (who I did NOT love before last night) and Evan (who I DID love) just killed this. Dancing begins at 2:23.

The only sore spot for me? Who throws brand new LaBoutin shoes around?? Treat those puppies with respect!!

UPDATE: better quality video!! PS... that costume on Evan is really distracting. Hate it!

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cat-fish said...

This was a really cute dance - the music really helped (great song)! BUTT - haha, I'm an old man jokester - my favorite couple is still Melissa and Adae - I actually get sucked in when they dance and think "are they having an affair?"...